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Penhow Shop

Penhow Village Shop - Run wholy by Volunteers

Opening Times

 Monday - Friday     8.30am - 12.00noon  &  4pm - 6pm

Saturday                  8.00am - 12.00 noon; 

Sunday                    9.00am - 12.00noon

To order a home delivery (Mondays to Fridays only).

Telephone the shop on 01633 401284, before 11am.

About the Shop

Penhow Village Shop (PVS) is run entirely by volunteers. Over 50 people are involved in keeping it running, in a variety of different roles - some are very small, some quite substantial. If you have some spare time and want to make new friends think about becoming a volunteer. It's very easy and full training will be given.

Contact Brian Shepherd (company secretary) on or leave a letter addressed to The Management Committee, at the shop.

This shop is very important to our community. When it first opened it breathed new life into the community - lots of people banded together, lots of new friendships were made and the shop very quickly became the hub of the Village. To keep it going for the future, it needs one very important thing - CUSTOMERS.

Buy a few household items every week.

If you come for a newspaper, buy something else as well. 

Order a delivery - or take one to a housebound neighbour.

Bring your guests to the shop, or buy guests a gift when you visit.

Become a member of the shop association and have a say in its running - £5 per year or £50 for life

Get your business to sponsor the shop. 

The history of the shop - Following the closure of the privately run shop in 2008, the Penhow Community banded together to finance & re-generate the village shop. Community volunteers re-decorated, re-stocked and re-opened the shop in November 2008. Since re-opening the shop has been managed and operated by the community and, where possible, stock has been sourced locally. Since opening, the team has had to learn how to be retailers and how to manage stock levels, but all the hard work has paid off and the shop continues to serve the local community. Penhow Village Shop, Parc Seymour Tel. no. 01633 401 284.

Penhow Shop

Penhow Shop

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