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Minutes September 2019



Minutes of meeting held on Wednesday, 4th September 2019

Present at the meeting on Wednesday, 4th September 2019 were:

Chair:John Wagstaff

Councillors:Viv Batchelor

Keith Jones

Bob Shepherd

Anne Underwood

Michael Weekes


One member of the public in attendance.

1. Apologies – Beryl Morgan, Graham Pollard  
  Penhow Community Council expressed their sympathy and sadness on Beryl Morgan’s bereavement.Flowers and a card have been sent on behalf of the Community Council.
2. Previous Minutes – Proposed by Michael Weekes and seconded by Anne Underwood.The minutes were signed by the Chair.
3. Matters Arising No cold callers signs – Councillors have been asked to deliver these to neighbours who would like them. Grounds and road maintenance – clerk to follow up further on this.


Overgrown hedge – Number xx Greenmeadow Drive, the hedge is very overgrown and making the visibility, when turning on to Market Road, very difficult.PCC to report this to NCC.

Sycamore tree in the park.Letter has been sent by Chair to the resident concerned.

Play equipment – Chair has researched possible firms for the maintenance of the play park.Firms will be invited for a site visit and to quote for the contract.

Five Lane Recycling Site – Community First Article PCC urge residents to write to NCC and MCC with regards to use of the tip.

Penhow Guide – this is being updated.


4. Public Participation Layby on Arcade Road.This matter was raised 12 months ago with NCC and no response has been received.PCC will follow up on this matter with NCC.




5. Ward Councillor Matters No ward councillor in attendance.
6. Councillor Areas of Responsibility Matters Updates (i)Green Spaces – Michael Weekes


Wild flower area – there is still some colour in the flowers.The area will be cut back in November.Soil scrapings will be taken, frozen and a germination test will be undertaken to see what seeds have been left by this year’s flowers.Decisions will then be made about what needs to be added for next year.

Further areas for wild flowers discussed.Proposal to put flowers in 2020 on Rockfield Glade, the corner of Greenmeadow Drive and by the Baptist Chapel.


(ii)Recreation Grounds and Street Furnishings -John Wagstaff, Keith Jones, Graham Pollard

Survey of equipment has been undertaken.Various works to be carried out.


7. Village Matters (i)Family competition – development of a wildlife aspect of the family garden (e.g. mini beast habitat, hedgehog house, log pile etc) competition to be considered.Competition to run alongside the garden competition. Clerk to draft details for Council to consider. (ii)Defibrillator has had August check carried out by Mr Dunford.


(iii)Picnic in the Park.Preliminary meeting to be arranged with Langstone and Llandevaud Community Councils.

8. Planning Applications (New) (i)23 Greenmeadow Drive 19/0863 – Chair declared an interest in this application as it relates to a neighbouring property. No objections were raised by the Council.Clerk to inform NCC planning of this decision.
9. Planning Application (Updates) No updates
10. Accounts & Financial Matters (i)Pay award for clerk agreed by the Council. (ii)Balances - £19222.09 (as of 10.08.2019)


(iii)Budget plan 2019-20 – updated with agreed planned spending including noticeboards purchase and installation, bins for the park and development of the walking path.

(iv)PAYE payroll information update – Penhow CC now registered as an employer and payroll information set up accordingly.

(v)Noticeboards – Proposed new noticeboard details will be presented for agreement at the next meeting (October 2019).

(vi)Regular payment – Councillors voted on the annual payments for churchyard upkeep: St John’s £250 per year and Baptist Chapel £150.PCC will also support the maintenance and running of the Christmas tree in the Baptist Churchyard.

(vii)Agree payments: NCC grounds maintenance £261.07 and clerk’s expenses £15.87.


11. A.O.B Chair will send a strongly worded letter to NCC about the standard letters that have been sent to local residents regarding hedges and overhanging bushes.


Litter picking report presented by Viv Batchelor.Next litter picking event 26th September at 6.00pm in the park.


Welsh Water have been contacted about a leak on the A48.Welsh Water are following up on this.


The concrete spill on Market Road has been reported.


Open man hole found on the A48 by the Tidy Team.This has been reported and this has been made safe by NCC.


Purple poppies are being made by the WI.Charity to be confirmed for the sale of these. Request that these are sold in the shop.


Care Assessments.PCC will raise awareness for the method for getting support at home.This information will be put into the shop and also in the Community First article.


We would like to hold a Christmas Carol Service in the village involving other organisations.Chair to liaise with groups regarding this.


12. Next Meeting – normally October 2nd 2019 at 7.15pm
13. Correspondence – One Voice Wales bulletin Newport Borough Forum ABHB


Planning Dept 19/0863

Planning Survey

One Voice Wales conference details

Governance and Accountability Guide

BBC Wales question time invite

Rededication of Magor War Memorial invite

Meeting closed at 9.00pm.