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Penhow CommunityCouncil News

Minutes September 2018


Penhow Community Council


Part 1 – Held in the Recreation Grounds at 6.15pm

 Present – John Wagstaff, Anne Underwood & Beryl Morgan

ROSPA Safety Inspection Reports for Penhow Playing Field and The Under 12s Enclosure had been received and were reviewed in situ:-

Several small issues were raised (some have already been noted) and will be addressed as part of our routine annual maintenance contract.


Part 2 – Main Meeting

No-one was present to open the door to St John’s Hall, so Michael Weekes invited us to adjourn to Village Farm.

APOLOGIES to any members of the Public who may have wanted to attend the meeting but were unable to find us.

Present at the meeting were:

Chair  John Wagstaff

Councillors:  Michael Weekes, Beryl Morgan, Anne Underwood & NCC Councillor Ray Mogford

Apologies:  Neil Bignell, Keith Jones, Graham Pollard, & NCC Councillor Will Routley

Clerk,  Pamela Morris was recuperating from an operation and was therefore unable to attend.

Beryl Morgan agreed to take notes and produce minutes. 

7042  Minutes of the previous meeting (01/08/18).

Minute 7033 contained an error – the meeting was between Andre Bulloch, Keith Jones and John Wagstaff, 

not Andre and Michael Weekes. The remainder were agreed & signed.

7043  Matters Arising 

 Ray requested Pamela to check if NC Councillors are sent the minutes after every meeting.

7044  Public Participation 

Not applicable.

7045  Ward Matters

Ray commented that it was a good idea to keep a list of outstanding issues for NCC Councillors,

to remind them of outstanding actions or needing comment or update.

7046  Penhow Services

Weeding is not carried out as part of the grass cutting.

The litter bin towards the top of Market Road needs to be replaced.

7047  A48 Grass Verges/wild flower management

Michael has spoken to Andre Bullock. Verges are to be cut right up to the hedgerows.

Japanese Knotweed is to be sprayed.

Wild Flower area (the two sides of the road leading into Market Road) – NCC are happy for members of this Council to carry out our plans.

Michael will spray with “roundup” and cone off the sprayed areas. That will be left all winter, then, in spring the area will be planted with wild flowers.

7048  Recreation Grounds & Equipment; Village Furniture

1.  See meeting part 1 above. The ROSPA report has been circulated to all Councillors.

2.  Discussions on removal of the “Rockery” rocks in the grounds, between Rockfield Close and the rear of Claremont –

     deferred to next meeting.

3.  Phil James’ formalised Annual Schedule of Work Contract – John will circulate a proposal for taking this forward.

     To be discussed at the next meeting.

4.  Michael put in a stake to fill the space between the hedge and the drive fencing on the Market Road field entrance.

7049   Village Matters. 

WW1 Commemorative Activities - update.

Beryl had prepared a draft notice giving details of the activities and their timing, and suggesting a collection be made for a military charity

– there are 3 major / national charities and numerous smaller, more localised ones. Agreed any of the 3 national ones would be suitable.

Ray Mogford agreed to ask the Editor of “Community First” (i.e. his wife), if space could be found to place details of the event in the next edition

of Community First - preparation of which is already underway.

Beryl will complete the notice, pass copies to Langstone & Llanvaches Councils for circulation in their areas

and put up copies in local noticeboards.

7050  Planning Applications (New)


7051  Planning Applications (Updates)

Information not available this month.

7052  Accounts & Financial Matters.

1.  Bank Account, as at 3rd August - £28,404.14 *[includes savings to replace the under surfaces of the equipment in the under 12s enclosure - £9,692].

2.  Agree payments:- £454.80 to Designer Parks for replacement of the swing seat; £20 – to Langstone Council for Clerk’s training;

     £72 - Griffiths signs & Equipment for “No Parking” signs.

     A cheque for Clerk’s monthly wage will be forwarded to her by post.

     Invoice for the Playground Safety Inspection (£168) not yet available, but will be paid as soon as it arrives.

7053  Admin Issues

1.  External Audit - The papers have been returned from the Auditors, BDO.

Two minor, non-financial errors were noted. The report will, in due course, be published on our website (

or can be read by any Penhow resident, by contacting, the Responsible Financial Officer, Beryl Morgan (by appointment please).

2.  Application to extinguish a right of way footpath (Anne Underwood).

Anne attended a meeting with an NCC footpath Officer in connection with this application.

Apologies were received from NCC for not forwarding the application to our Clerk.

The issue relates to a footpath which exits from fields north of the A48 onto Pen-y-Worlod Road via the house “Southbank”.

Michael was able to provide a complete history of this footpath – how it had originated and its use. In the light of this history it was agreed

that this Council would have no objection to extinguishment going ahead.

Anne will report that back to the footpaths officer. Michael will write up this history.

7054  Representatives Reports - None 

7055  Next Meeting – Wednesday 3rd October



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