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Minutes October 2018


Penhow Community Council                         


Minutes of the meeting at Penhow Hall on Wednesday 3rd October 2018


Present at the meeting were:

Chair :- John WagstaffCouncillors :-Beryl Morgan, Graham Pollard, Anne Underwood, Keith Jones NCC Councillor :-Will Routley

Apologies :-Michael Weekes & Bob Shepherd



The meeting was opened by J. Wagstaff with confirmation that Neil Bignall has stepped down as Chairman with effect from 29th September

and resigned from the Council. We expressed our gratitude for the many years of service Neil has given, by taking both an integral role

in the development of the Council as well as the Penhow village.


7056  New Chairman & Vice Chairman

The positions of both these roles were discussed and proposed. It was decided that the current vice-chairman John Wagstaff would be appointed chairman

for the remaining term and thereafter he would continue these duties in his capacity as our chairman for the May 2019/20 term.

The council also agreed to appoint Beryl Morgan as the new vice-chairwoman  for this remaining term,  with immediate effect and to also continue for the

May 2019/20 term.

These decisions were proposed by Keith Jones and seconded by Graham Pollard, we are very pleased to confirm that both these appointments were accepted.

All appropriate paperwork will be completed and signed at the next council meeting to formulate the new appointments.

The council now has a Councillor vacancy which can be filled by co-option. Further details on how to apply will shortly be advertised.


7057 Minutes of the previous meeting (05/09/18)

The minutes were agreed and signed.


7058 Matters Arising- None. 


7059 Public Participation

 One member of the public kindly joined us.


7060 Ward Matters

Councillor Will Routely joined us for our meeting. He updated the council with regard to some possible future refuse collection changes within the Ward,

this is an ongoing matter, he has agreed to update us on these reports. Confirmation that the gullies have been cleared from Parc Seymour

to the Rock & Fountain with regard to the blocked drains issue reported previously, Councillor Routely also agreed to feedback to the council

on the two further issues discussed at the meeting.


7061Penhow Services

The council are currently in discussion to formalise a contract to carry out works to improve and maintain the general upkeep of the village area,

costs and itemised jobs per calendar year should be agreed shortly.


7062 A48 Grass Verges/Wildflower Management

In September Michael updated the council to confirm that the proposed ‘wild flower’ ground had been marked out at the entrance to Market Road

and he has also sprayed this area in preparation for planting in the Spring time.


7063 Recreation Grounds/Equipment & other matters

1.We are pleased to confirm that works have commenced on the re-surfacing of parts of the playground area, the council has liaised with the contractor

to agree the priorities of the work currently being undertaken (play deck area/swings). After completion of this improved recreational area,

it will then be reviewed by the council to decide upon any further improvements on an ongoing basis. Limited checks have therefore been undertaken

on the playground equipment due to above improvement work being carried out.

2.The goal post nets require more pegs to keep them in place, John and Graham agreed to action.

3.Quotes have been sent to the council with regard to the “Rockery” (near Rockfeild Close) in the recreational grounds, these costs and suggestions on

how to best improve this area were discussed. It was decided to obtain a new quote for the council to discuss and agree the best action.


7064 Village Matters

1. Updates on the Penhow WW1 Commemorative plans were discussed, points raised were again in relation to maximising our local advertising to this tribute.

(i)The website has been updated to include these details. (ii) It was agreed to arrange a house to house distribution of the leaflets.

(iii) The clerk will contact both Llanvaches and Langstone council to request if these leaflets can be put up in their notice boards.

Penhow Women’s Institute have very kindly contacted the council to propose a poppy garland in the village.

The council agreed that this display of over 200 poppies and leaves to form a swathe of poppies attached to trees in two locations, was an excellent idea.

The W.I also confirmed that poppies will also be available for display at the playing fields with fairy lights. Dates to commence this display are due to be agreed.

The Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust have generously granted us ‘silhouettes’ for display, details 

Graham agreed to arrange the best positions for these to be displayed.

On the evening of 11/11/18 it was confirmed that it would also be a fitting tribute to read out the names of those ‘fallen’ within our Ward.

We are currently collating such a list, if you have any local knowledge in respect of Penhow names it would be very helpful if you could contact

or forward to the clerk.

2.It was agreed that a new litter bin (towards the top of Market Road) would be needed to replace the damaged one, costs etc to be discussed at next the meeting.

3.Brian Dunford has completed the safety checks on the defibrillator this month.


7065 Planning Applications (New) 18/0929- Objections were received to this application. 

 Reasons for this will be forwarded to NCC Planning Department.


7066Planning Applications (Updates) 18/0376 – Granted with conditions.


7067Accounts & Financial Matters

1.Bank account balance as at 5/9/18 - £28,014.88 (This includes the savings put aside for the playground re-surfacing and the £4,906 precept paid from N.C.C)

2.Agreed payments:- £388.90 WSI Web Business (annual website fees) - £168 Playsafety Ltd –£102.36 clerks expenses -

£20 Refund fees Mrs J Dunford - £25 Refund fees Mrs B Morgan - £261.07 NCC grounds maintenance costs - Clerks wages.


7068 Admin Issues The P.C. Councillor’s personal contact detail forms were updated, signed and given to the clerk for safekeeping. 


7069 Representatives Reports

1.The GDPR training was briefly discussed, more updates to follow.

2.Michael attended the Liaison Meeting held on 20th September and forwarded his report to update all councillors before our meeting.

3.Anne shared details of the Wales Road Safety Conference both she and Michael attended on behalf of the Council on 7th September.


7070 Correspondence

(i)The Society of Local Community Council Clerks training document was discussed which contained details on authorised payments

for costs to each of their members, if required. The council agreed they currently did not wish to claim any remuneration for expenses

incurred whilst carrying out their roles.

(ii)Results for the GAVO Gwent Best Kept Village awards will be announced this month.

(iii)Updated changes to the HM Customs VAT claims were shared.


7071 Next Meeting- Wednesday 7th November



Information relating to Penhow Community Council (PCC)is available for inspection on our website 

or contact P.Morris 07491 598459