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Penhow CommunityCouncil News

Minutes November 2018


Penhow Community Council 


Minutes of the meeting held at St. John’s Hall on Wednesday 7th November 2018


Present at the meeting were:

Chair :-John Wagstaff  Councillors :-Beryl Morgan, Graham Pollard, Anne Underwood, Keith Jones,

Michael Weekes and Bob Shepherd.

NCC Councillor :-Will Routley

Guest :-Ian Henson – 1st Wentwood Scouts Group  Clerk:-P.Morris

Please note - Due to certain priorities for discussion at this meeting, the agenda items listed below

were not discussed in the order in which they have been presented.


7072 Election of Officers

The administrative paperwork in respect of our new Chairman, John Wagstaff and the new Vice Chairwoman, Beryl Morgan were

completed to formalise these new appointments.


7073 Apologies

 No apologies.


7074  Minutes of the previous meeting (03/10/18)

These were agreed, proposed by B.Morgan & seconded by A.Underwood and duly signed.



7075  Matters Arising

The new annual contract to improve and upkeep the village was discussed, this outlined the works, materials and costs involved.

The Council agreed to start this contract with Phil James, with effect from January 2019.


7076  Public Participation

 One resident attended the meeting.



7077  Ward Matters

Councillor Will Routley joined us for the meeting, he confirmed that proposals to change refuse collection are still ongoing 

will update the Council on any developments. He also discussed a new proposal he is involved in with regard to the possible

new enforcements of the speed limits on the A48 and agreed to make a presentation to the Council in the new year.

J. Wagstaff asked if there were any updates on the ‘NCC contractors outstanding works form’.

Councillor Routley confirmed he has forwarded an urgent request for a 30mph sign in the village and will obtain an update on this

and on any progress in respect of the outstanding ‘dropped kerb’ work due to be completed outside St. John’s Hall.

During these discussions the Council raised an issue in respect of the ’speeding’ in general within the village,

it was agreed that Penhow Community Council will make enquiries for costings to obtain 2 new signs,

suggested words “DRIVE CAREFULLY RESIDENTIAL AREA”. This will be reviewed again at our next council meeting.




7078  Penhow Services

K. Jones reported that a great job had been done in respect of clearing leaves, together with a general clean-up of the village,

the Councillor’s agreed they were happy with this standard of work and agreed that the Clerk would forward this positive feedback to NCC ‘Streetscene’.

7079  A48 Grass Verges/Wildflower Management

As usual Michael is continuing his hard work preparing the ground for planting in the Spring.

Michael suggested he and NCC representative Andre Bullock will formulate a plan, with the aim to improve the general area of Penhow.


7080  Recreation Grounds/Equipment & other matters

The checks undertaken in the recreational ground have been limited due to some wet weather,

but the work on the playground re-surfacing has been completed. Positive feedback on these improvements to the play area

have been received from residents. J.Wagstaff shared correspondence he has been sent, thanking the Community Council for this

and passing on their appreciation.

It is intended in the new year the Council will discuss more options as we have plans to further improve these recreational grounds.


7081 Village Matters

1.World War 1 Commemoration Activities.

(i) We were very pleased to have Ian Henson (1stWentwood Scout Group) attend the meeting to help finalise the planned fireworks 

display for the WW1 Commemoration on 11/11/18. The Firework Marshall Briefing notes and music for the evening were discussed,

Ian also agreed to advertise our event through the Newport Scouts forum. All his hard work has been greatly appreciated by the Council

and the donation of £250 will be given to the 1st Wentwood Scout Group.

(ii) It was agreed that the ‘Poppies’ displays around the village, put together by the Penhow Women’s Institute, is very effective and a lovely tribute.

(iii) J. Wagstaff discussed the final organisation plans for our WW1 Commemoration event for the evening of 11/11/18.

2.Arcade Road,

The obstruction of the passing place on Arcade Road was discussed. Cllr Routley was awaiting answers to enquiries he had made with Highways. 

He wanted to continue with this approach, and confirmed that he would liaise with Anne Underwood over progress. This was agreed by the meeting.


7082  Planning Applications (New)

18/0888 - No objections were received and details forwarded to NCC planning.


7083  Planning Applications (Updates) - None 


7084  Accounts & Financial Matters 

Bank account balance as at 5/10/18 - £26,573.22  

Agreed payments:- £57.00 & £50.00 – Christmas raffle (donated to Penhow Village Shop)

£119.10 – St. John’s Hall, rent & electricity costs - £10,113, playground re-surfacing costs -

£750 & £250 - 1st Wentwood Scouts (costs & donation) - £150 - St. John Ambulance (donation for attending 11/11/18) - Clerks monthly wages.


7085  Admin Issues  

(1)  It was agreed that M. Weekes will complete the Unadopted Road Survey.

(2)  The new Councillor vacancy advertisement will be discussed at the next meeting.


7086  Representatives Reports

(1) The next St. John’s Hall quiz nights are due to be held in February and May ’19, please look out for details closer to the time.

(2) The Senior Citizen Christmas Luncheon is due to take place 5th December.

(3) Penhow Village Shop has a 10 Year Anniversary this year, celebrations are being planned for both volunteers and customers.

For general information, Scouts stamps will be available in the Penhow village shop.


7087Correspondence The following items were discussed -

(i) The Penhow entry to Gwent Best Kept Village 2018 competition was shared by B. Morgan,

overall it was felt these results were very disappointing. (Please see attached Judges’ Comment Sheet)

It was agreed that the clerk would forward feedback to NCC contractors in respect of the observations made in June,

to the ‘lack of Local Authority maintenance’. A new incentive the Penhow Community Council is looking to implement to improve next year’s entry,

will be discussed in the new year.

(ii)  Countrywide Grounds Maintenance contractors wished to be considered to tender for future projects.

The Council agreed they are happy to continue with our current contractors for works carried out on their behalf.

(iii) An enquiry was made to undertake some voluntary work in the village towards a Silver Duke of Edinburgh award,

the Council suggested we contact the Penhow Village Shop to see if this would be agreeable.

(iv) The Clerk agreed to contact One Voice Wales for representative meeting details.

(v)  B.Morgan agreed to respond to correspondence for the Council Concurrent Budget Consultation 2018/19.


7088  Next Meeting Wednesday 5th December 2018




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