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Penhow CommunityCouncil News

Minutes May 2019


Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday, 1st May 2019

Present at the meeting were:

Chair: John Wagstaff

Councillors:Viv Batchelor

Keith Jones

Graham Pollard

Bob Shepherd

Anne Underwood

Michael Weekes

Clerk: Nicola

1. Apologies – Beryl Morgan  
2. Previous Minutes – Keith Jones proposed.Viv Batchelor seconded.
3. Matters Arising Chair has been added as a signatory to the PCC account. All councillors have been asked to let clerk know of any items for City Services to maintain.


Michael Weekes has agreed to look at the siting of the new noticeboard.

Two areas of Parc Seymour have received leaflets about safe and courteous parking. Unfortunately, these seem to have been ignored. The leaflet is being re-written and notices will be put onto cars that are parking in the hammerheads/turning circles and other restricted areas.

The Chair has written to households where the hedge is encroaching on to the pavement.

Potholes on Greenmeadow Lane (Policeman’s Lane) have been reported to NCC.

Locks for the park are now fixed and working.

Potential new bins for the park have been sourced.

Chair has written to resident putting bins out on to the park. The bins have been moved.

St John the Baptist Church have received the £500 donation from PCC.

Outstanding planning queries have been followed up by Councillors and the clerk.


4. Operation Harley – Unfortunately PCSO Deke Williams did not attend the meeting to update the Council with regards to Operation Harley, the police initiative targeting the illegal and anti-social use of off-road vehicles  
5. Public Participation A variety of ideas were put to the PCC. These ideas will be discussed in the next article of Community First: Picnic in the park and/or summer fair


Ideas box – for public to put ideas in

Purple poppies – WI will be asked to include purple poppies in their poppy crocheting project.


Viv Batchelor will maintain the planter and hanging basket by the noticeboard whilst Beryl is unavailable to do this

Grass cutting – NCC have been asked to ensure that grass cuttings are blown away from the paths and on to the green area

Rockfield Glade – concerns raised about size of vehicles being parked on the road.

Arcade Road – two members of the PCC met with the NCC Highways Manager. State of the roads and verges was picked up with regards to the weeds, hedges and general maintenance of the road.

Penhow Community Council have asked Chair to write to NCC to confirm that the passing place should be reinstated.


6. Ward Councillor Matters (i)Discussion and feedback from the NCC Councillors – no Ward Councillor present due to bereavement. PCC sent Councillor Routley condolences on the sad loss of his grandson.



7. Councillor Areas of Responsibility Matters Updates Chair has asked Councillors to send in a written report prior to each meeting. (i)Community Liaison - Bob Shepherd


Hall – nothing to report

Community First – nothing to report

(ii)Green Spaces – Michael Weekes

Wildflower area update – seeds sown on 12th April and signs have been erected. Seeds have started to germinate.

Verge maintenance – City Services will cut the verges in the last week of May.

Japanese knotweed – spraying of a trial plot has taken place and this will be repeated regularly.

(iii)Highways, Bye-ways, Public Rights of Way and Access to the Forest- Anne Underwood

See item on Arcade Road above

(iv)Mentor – Beryl Morgan

(v)Penhow Guide – Community Council

Bob Shepherd has begun an update of the telephone numbers for this guide.

(vi)Recreation Grounds and Street Furnishings -John Wagstaff, Keith Jones, Graham Pollard

Table in the play area needs some repairs

Spraying of weeds in the play areas has taken place.

Grass is now growing in the re-seeded area

Bench – arrangements have been made to site the new bench

Cycle track – repairs are required

Boules pitch – this area will be re-seeded to allow it to return to grass

Bench maintenance – John Taylor, along with Phil James, has refurbished two benches for the village. A thank you letter will be sent.

NCC to be contacted to discuss about general maintenance.


8. Village Matters (i)Best kept front garden competition – item to be put into Community First to encourage entrance and confirm closing date. (ii)Community litter pick – litter pick to take place on 5th May, 9.00am.Clerk to contact Heather Jones, Langstone to find out if Langstone Community Council are a Hub and if there is any equipment that can be borrowed for litter picks. Suggestion that future events take place at a later time in the day.


(iii)St John’s Hall floor – donation of £500 to be given to St John’s Hall towards the cost of the new flooring.

(iv)Anti-social vehicle use – concerns raised about motor bikes speeding through the village towards the Forest. Residents are urged to phone 101 or to use social media to report any concerns to the police.

(v)Defibrillator monthly check has been carried out. Thank you to Brian Dunford for completing this check monthly.


9. Planning Applications (New) (i)St John the Baptist Church 19/0203 – this is a listed building (ii)Castle Farm 19/0324 – no concerns raised


(iii)Hillcrest Farm 19/0367 – no concerns raised


10. Planning Application (Updates) (i)No updates
11. Accounts & Financial Matters (i)Councillor’s Allowances – opt out forms to be completed by Councillors and given to clerk (ii)Clerk to meet with Brian Shepherd to carry out the annual audit.


(iii)Current balance £16858.73 – money is being saved for work on the play area/park.Clerk to look at possible grants for the development of a path around the whole area and for safe surfaces under play equipment.

Chair to follow up with the maintenance and refresh of the play equipment.

(iv)Regular payments for the following agreed for 2019/20:


Phil James

NCC grounds maintenance

(v)Payment for planters £30.00


12. A.O.B Thank you to Viv Batchelor for the artwork for headed paper and to John Taylor for the help with maintenance of benches in the village.  
13. Next Meeting – normally June 5th 2019 at 7.15pm
14. Correspondence – (i)Thank you letter from St John’s Church (ii)Letter from Newport City Council - Civil Enforcement of Prohibition and Restriction of Waiting and Loading On Street Traffic Orders, and Civil Enforcement and Consolidation of Off Street Traffic Orders


(iii)Councillor’s Allowance Opt Out Form

(iv) CALM newsletter April 2019