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Penhow CommunityCouncil News

Minutes June 2019



Present at the meeting on Wednesday, 5th June 2019 were:

Chair: John Wagstaff

Councillors: Viv Batchelor

Keith Jones

Graham Pollard

Bob Shepherd

Anne Underwood

Michael Weekes

Clerk: Nicola




1. Election of Chairperson John Wagstaff elected – Keith Jones proposed and Michael Weekes seconded.
2. Election of Vice-Chairperson Graham Pollard to become interim vice-chair in lieu of Beryl Morgan.
3. Review of administration Declaration of Interest forms completed and handed to clerk. Undertaking to comply with the Code of Conduct – clerk to enquire about updated training for this with NCC and OVW.


Councillor Allowances opt out form – some Councillors still to complete this form.


4 Apologies – Beryl Morgan.  
5. Previous Minutes –Graham Pollard proposed and Michael Weekes seconded.
6. Matters Arising Siting of potential new noticeboard – site has been identified.Clerk to contact NCC Highways, Lee Bellingham to discuss installation. Parking – this is still an ongoing issue.Concern raised about a vehicle that has been parked in a hammerhead for over a week.Clerk to contact NCC Highways to ask for support and guidance with this issue.


Purple poppies – idea has been raised at local WI and a prototype has been made.WI will make and sell purple poppies alongside red poppies for Remembrance. Purple poppy funds will be donated to a charity which is still to be decided.

Arcade Road – PCC has written to NCC Chief Executive about this ongoing planning issue.PCC awaiting a response.

Penhow Guide – this is being updated.

Audit – see item 15.

Walking path grants are being investigated.

Play equipment – Designer Parks have been booked to inspect the equipment in the play area in June.


7. Operation Harley – PC Faith Reynolds and CSO Faith Price attended the meeting and gave an overview of Operation Harley to the Community Council.This operation is targeting anti-social traffic behaviour and the local community are encouraged to support the police and contact when nuisance incidents are happening. Report any concerns to the police as soon as possible by direct messaging via Facebook or Twitter or by emailing



8. Public Participation Cold Calling.Villagers raised a concern about cold callers visiting properties.Clerk to contact NCC to find out about becoming a ‘cold calling free zone’. Overgrown hedges on Market Road. These have been cut back.Chair will write to thank householder for cutting hedge.Hedges on Meadowlands are also obstructing pathways and Chair will write to these households.


Scouts have requested use of the Recreation Ground at the end of their planned trek on Friday, 7th June.PCC agreed to this. Note to be sent to local households to inform that this will be happening.


9. Ward Councillor Matters No Ward Councillor in attendance.
10. Councillor Areas of Responsibility Matters Updates (i)Community Liaison - Bob Shepherd Hall – no updates.


Community First – encouraged to make contributions for this informative, local magazine.

(ii)Green Spaces – Michael Weekes

Wild flower area – flowers have germinated well.

Japanese knotweed – the sprayed areas are responding well to this treatment.

Maintenance of highway verges – verges have been cut.

(iii)Highways, Bye-ways, Public Rights of Way and Access to the Forest- Anne Underwood – no further updates.

(iv)Penhow Guide – Community Council.The guide is currently being updated.

(v)Recreation Grounds and Street Furnishings -John Wagstaff, Keith Jones, Graham Pollard – grass has been cut regularly (but not under the goal posts).Picnic table needs remedial work.Some of the equipment needs to have undergrowth removed from them. ROSPA will be carrying out their annual inspection in June.

Clerk to write to City Scene to request that the road gutters are cleaned and weeded.

Window cleaner to be asked to quote for cleaning the street signs within Penhow.

11. Village Matters (i)Dog incident at the park – signage advice about controlling dogs on the Recreation Ground to be installed. (ii)A report was received that a person had been injured by the donkey on Greenmeadow Lane.


(iii)Best kept front garden competition – judging is due to take place in early June.

(iv)Parking – see matters arising, item 6.


12. Local Resolution Protocol – draft policy for adoption Policy adopted.Viv Batchelor proposed and John Wagstaff seconded.  
13. Planning Applications (New) (i)1 Greenmeadow Drive – discussed and decision referred in to NCC planning.
14. Planning Application (Updates) No updates
15. Accounts & Financial Matters (i)Financial update – Mr Shepherd has carried out an interim audit of the accounts.Actions have been agreed for completion before the final audit is completed. (ii)Balance as at 05.05.2019 is £21941.99.This amount includes money for play equipment, surfacing work and the development of the walking path.



Agreed payments:

(iii)St John’s Hall invoice for rental - £123.45

(iv)Agree payments for planters in Penhow - £50 and £25.46

(v)St John’s Hall donation – update and cheque re-issue

(vi)Zurich Municipal Insurance -£792.77


16. A.O.B Following a recent burglary, local residents are encouraged to note down registration details and times of any unknown vehicles seen in the village.  
17. Next Meeting – normally July 3rd 2019 at 7.15pm
18. Correspondence – (i)Model Local Resolution Protocol, One Voice Wales