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Minutes July 2018


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MINUTES OF THE MEETING at ST. JOHN’S HALL WED. 4th July 2018Present at the meeting were;

Chair:Neil Bignell

Councillors:John Wagstaff, Anne Underwood, Beryl Morgan, Graham Pollard, Bob Shepherd andMichael Weekes.


No representatives from NCC attended the meeting.

Also, the Chairman N. Bignell had been advised that a representative from theGwentPolice would attend this meeting, but this invitation will be need to be requested again for next month.


Apologies were received from Keith Jones


(i)There were no declarations of interest

(ii)B. Morgan has agreed to complete the Standards Committee- Review of Ethical Standards questionnaire and forward accordingly.

7013MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING (6th & 13th June 2018)

The minutes for the Ordinary and Extraordinary meetings held on 6th& 13th June were duly accepted by the Council and signed by the Chairman.


(i)B.Morgan has completed the Audit report and all the paperwork has been forwarded

(ii)J Wagstaff has put up the goal nets in the playing fields

(iii)G.Pollard has very kindly repainted the 5 village planters

(iv)B. Morgan has obtained an extra Newport Council Standard lock for Market Road and Greenmeadow Drive entrances, all councillors have necessary keys for access.

(v)M. Weekes is liaising with G Pollard on completing the ‘Rockery’ area tidy up

(vi)Newport City Homes Maintenance Surveyor has visited the recreational fields and agreed to carry out some works on the boundary fences they are responsible for. The clerk is to clarify when these works are to be completed.


Several local residents who live near St.John’s Hall, attended the meeting to raise their concerns about the proposed dropped kerb (This was to aid disability access to the hall) and several other issues. Namely the parking outside the village hall, particularly at times of high usage and the height of the grass verges which affects visibility when joining the busy A48.The PCC fully understands the dissatisfaction with how their concerns to date have been dealt with by the Newport CC and it was agreed that we would work with the Ward Councillors to try and find an agreeable solution.

With regard to the parking concerns, it was agreed to notify these residents of any initiatives to be taken by the council.


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(i)No NCC Councillors attended this meeting therefore no updates from Ray Mogford or Will Routely could be received.It was agreed that the clerk contact the ward councillors individually and request an attendance to our next meeting.

(ii)Our PCC form which outlines all outstanding works reported to NCC Contractors, was discussed and updated. (Please see attached)

(iii)B.Shepherd has received an update from Streetscene with regard to signage on the A48. They have advised that they will be cleaning all signs on selected routes.

(iv)Penhow CC is very concerned with the increasing numbers of motorbikes that are being used in a dangerous the Market Road area, particularly on Sunday mornings and several evenings. PCC consider this to be not only dangerous but also they cause a noise issue, disturb the peace and have caused damage. Our chairman has contacted the police with regard to this issue, we recommend that should this continue it should be reported to the police immediately and keep a log of the dates and times to help pinpoint this activity.


 A site meeting was arranged to discuss the standard of grass cutting recently undertaken.M. Weekes agreed a time and date with a NCC representative, unfortunately they were unable at the last minute to attend and this is to be rearranged. 


1.The checks have been carried out on the equipment and works completed by Designer Parks and we await the external ‘Inspection Report’ due to be undertaken.

2.Phil James has also completed the weeding etc, as outlined in last months’ minutes.

3.It is great to see the grass cut but again no strimming has been undertaken by the contractors.

4.The ‘new entrance’ has been completed, although the chicken wire on the inside of the fence is still required.


1.WW1 Commemoration plans.We had some great news from B. Shepherd, after PCC made a request for a contribution to the ‘fireworks event ’planned for the evening of 11 November, the Community First publication have kindly agreed to support the costs of what will now be called the Langstone Ward event. (Full details will be updated nearer the time) We are also very grateful to the First Wentwood Scouts for their offer to help us organise and run the evening.

2.With the above in mind, the Councillors all agreed to donate £250 to the local Scouts funds for their assistance as we expect a good attendance from local residents as well as those in the surrounding areas.

3.A new Public Rights of Way survey is to be undertaken, this is due to take place in the Summer holidays.A. Underwood has involved the Scout Leader and scouts to carry out this survey on the footpaths and will give the guidance and training required.

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4.J. Wagstaff has suggested that towards the end of May next year, we have a ‘Weeding Week’ where we encourage our villagers to address the weeds outside their houses.This would be a great benefit to the ‘Gwent Best Kept Village’ competition, as we do not know if Newport CC will actually sort out the weed problems.


He also suggested that Penhow CC runs a ‘Best Front Garden’ competition at the beginning of June. A prize would be awarded in the form of a voucher from Chepstow Garden Centre, whom we could also ask to provide an independent judge for this.


The response to both these suggestions was positive and will be discussed at a later date.

5.Still no feedback with regard to the planting of any new trees. B.Shepherd to W.Routley.




Bank balance as at 5th June - £29,100.21 (still includes work on gate/entrance plus savings)

Authorised payments :- N. Bignell – plants - £51.70 & V. Batchelor – plants - £29.99

Designer Parks- £324 -WM Garden Services (new gate plus extra ground work) - £5352

Phil James – playground work (maintenance works) - £75

St John's Hall - £525 – annual section 137 grant

Penhow Baptist Chapel – annual section 137 grant (for churchyard) - £100

Penhow Parish Churchyard (St John's Church) – annual section 137 grant -£150



1.The next Liaison Meeting for Community Councils is 31st July – M. Weekes will be attending

2.Hall Committee Meeting – 1st October

3.The recent ‘Race Night’ was a success with a good sum raised for the roof repairs for St. John’s Hall

4.The council were pleased to see that there has been an increase of numbers to the ‘facebook’page

7025NEXT MEETING Normally 1st August – To remind councillors that if the ‘Annual Safety Inspection Report’ have been received and reviewed, then the meeting will commence at an earlier time and take place in the recreational grounds to discuss the feedback in detail.The meeting will then resume as normal at 7.15 in St. John’s Hall. (Confirmation of this and timings will follow asap)


Information relating to Penhow Community Council (PCC) is available for inspection on our website or contact the clerk, P.Morris 07491 598459