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Minutes August 2018



Penhow Community Council    

MINUTES OF THE MEETING at ST. JOHN’S HALL WED. 1st August 2018   Present at the meeting were;

Chair: John Wagstaff

Councillors: Beryl Morgan, Anne Underwood, Graham Pollard, Bob Shepherd, Michael Weekes and Keith Jones.

Also present: NC Councillor Will Routely

Clerk: P.Morris


Apologies were received from Neil Bignell and NC Councillor Ray Mogford


There were no declarations of interest during this meeting. (In future meetings, this will be noted only if such an occasion arises)


The minutes for the 4th July meeting were proposed by G. Pollard and seconded by M. Weekes then signed and dated by J.Wagstaff. (Acting Chairman)


(i) B.Morgan has completed the Standards Committee – Review of Ethical Standards questionnaire and confirmed this has been forwarded.


Two local residents joined us for tonight’s meeting.


1. Councillor W. Routely was keen to clarify the issues raised at the last meeting by several local residents who live near St. John’s Hall in respect of parking as well as the restricted visibility and therefore potential safety to road users when joining the A48.The Council had forwarded the letter from NCC for the attention of both councillors to agree a favourable course of action. Councillor Routely clarified a few questions at the meeting and agreed to discuss further with Councillor Ray Mogford and follow-up with the residents on behalf of the Council.

2. Councillor Routley also had the opportunity to discuss the new ‘Outstanding Works for NCC Contractors’ form, to see first hand the works yet to be completed and the amount of follow-up emails needed to chase these outstanding issues that we have requested be carried out for the benefit of Penhow Community. It was agreed Councillor Routely would discuss these with NC Contractors and come back to the council with feedback.

On a third matter he suggested that both of the Ward Councillors may approach this in future on a pro-active basis, by taking a tour with a PCC representative around the village when collectively they could address these ongoing/outstanding issues.


1.A local resident has reported to the Council that the Rockfield Glade green bushes are overgrown and need to be cut back, the concern is that the bushes are now blocking the footpath and obscuring vision to motorists coming around the bend.

The Councillors also had concerns that the NCC contractors had not carried out the full job as outlined in our quarterly maintenance contract, in particular in respect of the lack of general weeding undertaken in the Rockfield Close area, in fact this was deemed to be an ‘eyesore’.

It was agreed that the clerk request a ‘site visit’ with the NCC contractors representative, where J.Wagstaff and G. Pollard will discuss the contract and agree what areas should be treated.


Following a meeting with Andre Bullock and M.Weekes on 9th July, where it was confirmed that the verges will be cut again this coming September. Though the verges have now been done this month, Michael did discuss the disappointing quality of trimming undertaken by the contractors.

The proposed wild flower area at the entrance to Market Road was agreed, however there is currently no money in Newport City Council Budget for this.

Michael confirmed he has permission to do the work himself at his or Penhow Community Council’s expense. He has calculated that the area in question comprises of 2 tear-drop sites of 75sq. metres. These areas will firstly need to be sprayed to kill out all existing grass 3 times, then they will need to be rotavated and seeded in early March 2019.      This would consist of :-

European wild flower mix (annuals) 1kg£65.00

UK wild flowering grass 80% & 20% wild flower (perennial)

2 x 400 gms @ £37.50£75.00

£140.00   Total cost

(This will give colour in the 1st and subsequent years)

All the Councillors agreed to proceed with the above suggestion and that Michael will manage this process and undertake this work on behalf of the Council.


1. The monthly checks have been carried out on the equipment and J.Wagstaff has completed the checklist he reported the following:-

(i)The goal posts need to be more firmly fixed. (John to action)

(ii)The swing ‘cradle seat’ is damaged. John has already placed a temporary sign to recommend that this piece of equipment should currently not be used. (John has also contacted Designer Parks asking for the cost to replace this item)

K.Jones reported that overgrown trees drop onto the playdeck area. (Keith has agreed to cut these back)

2. Whilst discussing the ‘new entrance’, B. Shepherd raised an issue in respect of the large gap between the bin and fence.Options were discussed by the Council members to remedy this, possibly a post etc placed to narrow the gap. It was agreed to contact the contractors to obtain a quote and discuss this cost at the next meeting.

3. B. Morgan has been obtaining quotes from W.M.Garden Services to replace the under surfaces in the play areas. The options were discussed and it was agreed that currently PCC will replace the junior unit and the toddler unit at a total cost of £9,692 (exc.vat).With a view to consider more updates in the future. The budget was agreed and we are pleased to confirm that B.Morgan will request works in this area can now go ahead.

4. Previously it was agreed to repair the ramps in the play area. As you will see the ramps have been refurbished and the work was carried out by Designer Parks Ltd.

5. The ‘Rockery area’at the rear of Claremont/near Rockfield Close/Newport Homes bungalows is continuing to be of concern to the Council and residents, this issue was discussed. It was agreed to dismantle this, as it has become an eyesore and a home for rats. (B.Morgan has agreed to contact a contractor to arrange this)

6. The Council currently arrange for the play areas to be weeded etc on an ad hoc basis.It was agreed that a regular tidy up of these areas and other general maintenance to improve and upkeep the village would be of benefit. (i.e Painting noticeboards) Therefore it was agreed that J.Wagstaff and K.Jones would look into this and feedback at our next meeting.


1. Community First edition 100 offered residents any new/additional defibrillator training, to date no requests from local residents for further training have been received.

2. Brian Dunford has completed this month’s safety checks on the defibrillator, all OK. 

3. It was reported that Newport City Homes contractors have completed improvements to fences on the boundaries near Rockfield Close that PCC requested in May this year.     Feedback was good on the overall appearance and this has been reported back to N.C H.

4. WW1 Commemoration plans are still ongoing, updates to follow.

5. It was reported that Penhow Shop are looking for additional volunteers to successfully continue to offer this local service without restricting

   the current opening hours. It was agreed to position posters in various places in our village to attract new volunteers.


App. no. 18/0376 - Vitznau, Market Road – No objections were raised at the meeting, clerk agreed to reply accordingly to NCC Planning Department.

7037 PLANNING APPLICATIONS UPDATES 18/0266 Castle FarmCastle Lane –As documented on the agenda.

(i) Approved (ii)Granted with conditions


B.Morgan has completed the quarterly review of the finances for the end of June. Copies of this summary report were handed out for consideration,

this report was agreed then signed and dated by K.Jones. 

Opening bank balance as at 30/6/18 - £28, 873.97 (This still includes savings for future expenditure when replacing under surfaces in the under 12s

enclosure in play area etc)

Authorised Payments:- Tim Crabb – plants kindly purchased for planters £27.09

Designer Parks- £280.00 (Ramps repaired)

B.Morgan – Admin expenses - £132.52

Ground maintenance quarterly costs - £261.07

St. John’s Hall invoice for hall hire and electricity costs during the financial year 2017/18 - £119.10

Clerks wages

Banked Payments -Community First donation for WW1 Commemoration -£750


The clerk is currently looking into the St. John’s Hall bill and has requested a breakdown of costs.


1.The next Liaison Meeting for Community Councils will be September 20th

2.Next Hall Committee Meeting – Is due to be held on 1st October

7041 NEXT MEETING Normally 5th September – 7.15pm @ St. John’s Hall


Information relating to Penhow Community Council (PCC) is available on our website or contact the clerk, P.Morris 07491 598459