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Penhow CommunityCouncil News

Minutes April 2018


Penhow Community Council


Present at the meeting were:

Chair:Bob Shepherd

Councillors:John Wagstaff, Keith Jones, Anne Underwood, Beryl Morgan, Graham


Also present:NCC Councillor Will Routley

Apologies:Neil Bignell, Michael Weekes

Clerk:P, Morris


6958New Clerk

Beryl Morgan has stood down as clerk but will continue in her Councillor role. P, Morris is now formally employed as Clerk to the Council with effect from 1 April 2018.

6959 Minutes of the previous meeting (7th March 2018).

It was agreed the minutes were correct and signed.


6960 Matters Arising

1.Neil has tried to remove the out of date sign at the top of Parc Seymour, as discussed at our last meeting.Unfortunately this has proved impossible to move and therefore needs to be removed.Action agreed to contact NCC contractors to address this ongoing issue.


6961 Public Participation

1.The council received an email requesting the use of the playing fields for a temporary car park on 3rd June 2018. This was discussed and it was decided to refuse the request due to access restrictions.Beryl Morgan will respond suggesting alternative solutions for parking in the surrounding area. (The slip road adjacent to the church, on the roadside along Market Road)

2.The council has received reports of rats in our recreation field from a resident in Rockfield Close.Assurances were given that pest control is taken seriously and is treated at least on an annual basis.

3.John Wagstaff received an email from Bill and Glen Graham-White requesting the councils help with a couple of ongoing issues.Firstly their wall has been damaged again by a lorry whilst turning and secondly the repeated turning of lorries in same area of highway is causing potholes. Some photographic evidence has been forwarded to John, whom then immediately contacted NCC Councillor Ray Mogford.


6962 Ward Matters

A refuse collection vehicle has reportedly caused damage and there is a vast hole in the road in Arcade Road.This issue has been raised previously and is a repeatedly ongoing concern for residents and is still an outstanding issue. This was discussed with Cllr Routely.

NCC Cllr Will Routley updates:

The issue in Arcade Road above was raised at the meeting and Cllr Will Routely agreed he would follow up with Ray Mogford.

Feedback from the residents confirm that the “recycling” service to our area is better and much improved.

Current road signage in the Penhow area has been an ongoing project, Cllr Routley confirmed that NCC were in the process of identifying the number and location of existing signs that require removal, remedial work or cleaning and has agreed that he will update us after contacting the appropriate department in NCC.

Cllr Routley updated us on the ongoing work of Michael Weekes in respect of the positioning of our new plants , to ensure that local wildlife and plants are given full benefit of the growing season, Cllr Routley stated he would reinforce the urgency before mid May.


6963 Penhow Services

The moss on pavements and in alleyways is still of concern. Action - clerk has agreed to contact Newport CC contractors.

The rubbish bin at the entrance to park / playgrounds on Market Road has been damaged and needs to be reinstate, clerk to follow up.

We are pleased to confirm that 4 new trees have been planted in the Meadowlands Close area and we understand further new trees may be available from NCC. We already have sites in mind in 3 key areas in Penhow, Bob Shepard agreed to contact the necessary department.


6964 Recreation Grounds & Equipment; Village Furniture

1.The pest controller has completed his work to eradicate the moles, as promised from last meeting.

2.The monthly checks on our playground equipment have been carried out.

3.We discussed the ground maintenance contract, a schedule of works for 2018/2019 and costings (£979.16 in total paid in arrears). It was proposed by all the councillors to renew this contract.

4.Fields in Trust, an Active Space Grants Programme was brought to our attention, it was agreed that the clerk should contact this new programme to better understand the criteria and consider if this will be applicable to Penhow.

5.An area for the new park bench has been marked out in the fields.

6.An issue regarding the seat at the bus shelter was brought to our attention and agreed this needed securing.We will update accordingly.


6965 Village Matters

1.Brian has confirmed that the monthly check on the Penhow defibrillator has been carried out and in full working order.

2.Training for the Penhow residents is currently being arranged, we will post full details on this in the next Community First issue for those who may be interested.We expect training dates to be available in Autumn.

3.Best Kept Village Competition - it was agreed Beryl Morgan will complete our entry on behalf of Penhow.Some relevant questions on the application form were discussed and suggestions made to enhance it, update to follow next meeting.


6968 Planning Applications (New)

1. 18/0219 Proposed single storey rear extension to 5 Greenmeadow DriveNP26 3AW. No objections.

2. 18/0209 Castle Farm Barns Castle Lane Penhow. Ongoing application, after consideration council believe the proposals seem reasonable.


6967 Planning Applications (Updates)

1.17/0828 Rose Cottage, Arcade Road, Penhow. The resident raised some queries and it was agreed that the applicant will liaise directly with planning department for full clarification.


6968 Accounts & Financial Matters

1.Bank Account as at 5th March £25,816.98 (grant money is included for the work on Market Road £4,920 and funds of approximately £14,000 are set aside for the playground upgrades)

2.Agreed payments – NCC Elections 2017 - £264.46.

3.St John’s Hall rent - £101.85

4.Councillor training - £40.00


6969 Admin Issues

Beryl Morgan confirmed that she has completed an audit office questionnaire on behalf of the council.


6970 A48 Verges & wildflower management

Michael was unable to attend the meeting and updated the clerk.He confirmed

that he was still liaising with NCC to compete the proposals discussed at the last meeting and is confident of a positive outcome.



6971 Representative Reports

1.John Wagstaff has decided to step down as Community Governor at Langstone Primary School at the end of his 4 year term which finishes on 27 April 2018. A replacement is being sought within the Langstone Ward.

2.Hall Meeting for The Community First confirmed for Monday.

3.At the NCC Liaison meeting the new Data Protection Laws were discussed and will need to be implemented in May 2018. This will require a Data Protection Officer due to be elected our next meeting.


697 2Next Meeting – Wednesday 2nd May


6973 Correspondence




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