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Penhow CommunityCouncil News

Mintues July 2019



Minutes of meeting held on Wednesday, 3rd July 2019

Present at the meeting on Wednesday, 3rd July 2019 were:

Chair:John Wagstaff

Councillors:Viv Batchelor

Graham Pollard

Anne Underwood

Michael Weekes


1. Apologies – Beryl Morgan, Keith Jones, Bob Shepherd  
2. Previous Minutes – To approve the minutes from meeting held on the 5th June and 27th June 2019. Proposed by Michael Weekes and seconded by Viv Batchelor


Proposed by Graham Pollard and seconded by Viv Batchelor


3. Matters Arising Code of Conduct training -


Complete allowances form

New noticeboard.Contacted NCC but awaiting responses.Michael Weekes will also follow this up.

Request support for parking issues – advice sought from Newport City Council

Cold calling free zone – posters and flyers will be printed and put into the shop. JW will organise printing.50 of each design and 10 of the specific door notices

Hedges – Hedges have now been cut.

City Scene – gutter cleaning

Planning 1 Greenmeadow

Window cleaner -

Signs for park – signs have been designed.dogs 

4. Public Participation Noticeboard near village hall requested.This matter is in hand and the Community Council are waiting for NCC to grant permission. Parking by bollards is a problem.No parking signs will be purchased and erected.


Tip – request about this ongoing problem.


Helen Davies


Sycamore tree in the park.Michael Weekes will investigate this matter further. Graham Pollard will assess undergrowth on the field.




Arcade Road – planning permission has been agreed for off road parking at Rose Cottage.


5. Ward Councillor Matters Councillors not in attendance.There are issues that the council would like to discuss with the Councillors.
6. Councillor Areas of Responsibility Matters Updates (i)Community Liaison - Bob Shepherd Hall ~ hall floor has been replaced


Community First

(ii)Green Spaces – Michael Weekes

Wild flower area.This area has flowered and looks beautiful.Thank you for the hard work that has been put in to this piece of work. This is part of our vision to continue to improve our beautiful community.

Japanese Knotweed area has been cut down to help reduce the plants capacity to propogate.

Best Kept Front Garden Competition. The winners are Phil and Yvonne James, Alan and Elaine Watkins and Lewis Bell.Following the success of this competition we will run the competition again next year.

(iii)Highways, Bye-ways, Public Rights of Way and Access to the Forest- Anne Underwood

Welsh Government are forming a working party to consider the management of public rights of way.

(iv)Mentor – Beryl Morgan

(v)Penhow Guide – Community Council.

Sub-group to look at this guide at the next meeting.

(vi)Recreation Grounds and Street Furnishings -John Wagstaff, Keith Jones, Graham Pollard

A contract for the upkeep and maintenance of play equipment is being sought.


7. Reports John W report.  
8. Village Matters Mowing of grass at Penhow Church.As this is a public area within Penhow a £150 donation to be given to support the church with this item. 
9. Cyber Security Training – Viv Batchelor Free Cyber Security Training
The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) have produced a free online training package for staff to increase their cyber security knowledge.

It is easy to use and takes less than 30 minutes to complete.

It is aimed at staff working in small to medium sized enterprises, but has excellent cyber security advice useful for day to day online safety as well as in the work place.
10. Planning Applications (New) No new applications
11. Planning Application (Updates) Tree Tops, 1 Seymour Avenue
12. Accounts & Financial Matters (i)Balances - £20137.33 (ii)Agree payments:


Prizes for garden competition £50


(iii)Asset list updated

(iv)Brian Shepherd thank you



13. A.O.B (i)Items for Community First magazine? No callers, volunteers etc garden competition, wild flowers, litter (ii)Items for website news page


(iii)Devauden fete takes place on 13th July

(iv)St David’s Dalmation Bike Ride.JW will get in touch regarding the ride next year.

(v) Litter pickers have found drug paraphernalia on the A48. Police have provided advice and crimestopper number if residents have concerns 0800 555 111


14. Next Meeting – will be August 14th 2019 at 7.15pm at St John’s Hall
15. Correspondence – Copy of minutes request