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Penhow CommunityCouncil News

Draft Minutes 2017 12



Penhow Community Council



Present at the meeting were:

Chair Bob Shepherd

Councillors: Keith Jones, John Wagstaff, Neil Bignell, Michael Weekes, Anne Underwood.

Apols: Graham Pollard.

Clerk: Beryl Morgan.


6901 Minutes of the previous meeting (1st November 2017).

The Minutes were agreed & signed.

6902 Matters Arising - none 

6903 Public Participation 

No public this month, but we have been consulted on the possibility of erecting a new notice board for use by all the churches relevant to this village. Agreed it was a good idea and considered the best place would be at the Market Road bus stop, on the opposite side of the paved area from the Council board. It was felt it would look better if a similar size & shape to Council board was used.

6904 Ward Matters

Ongoing Issues – For Action by Ward Councillors.

Cllr Routley sent apologies via the Chairman that he was unable to attend the meeting. There has been no progress on sorting out the “accident” hole on the side of Arcade Road.

6905 Penhow Services

1) There is moss on pavements throughout Parc Seymour (particularly bad on the sloping pavements of Rockfield Glade & Greenmeadow Drive). John has mentioned this at the liaison meetings. It was agreed to add it to the issues on Ward Matters.

2) A review of signage along the A48 is about to be carried out.

3) The bicycle path to the East of Parc Seymour needs cleaning & clearing – it is now too narrow to use.

6906 Recreation Grounds & Equipment; Village Furniture

1. Clerk has informed the contractors that we now have the funds to go ahead with the work to improve the access to the grounds from Market Road. They have ordered the new disabled friendly access gate & will start work once it arrives & weather permits.

2. The entrance gate into the north side of the play enclosure has been loosened. It is now too loose & tends to swing open. Neil will tighten it up a bit.

3. The moles are becoming a nuisance again. Clerk will contact our usual contactor.

4. The Goal nets are still waiting to go up.

5. The Boules surface is good. Now the board around the edge needs replacing. This will be replaced in the spring.

6. Tree pruning has been carried out but not on the inside of the recreationgrounds, because the gate was locked. (It always is, Clerk has the key).

7. Councillors considered some refresher safety training would be a good idea for those responsible for the recreation grounds. Clerk will check with OVW for any suitable venues / sessions.

6907 Village Matters. 

1. Green bags for food waste can now be collected from Penhow Village Shop.

2. A flier listing Christmas events has been prepared for circulation around the Village. Unfortunately not all events are listed. We will need to evolve a co-ordinated system for next year’s events!

3. “NATION’S TRIBUTE 11th NOVEMBER1918” - organisers request for bell ringing across the nation – St John’s Church has agreed to be included. Clerk will inform the organisers. A volunteer will be needed to light the beacon, as Neil (who usually does this) will be one of the bell ringers.

4. Defib - checks OK

6908 Planning Applications (New)

17/0834 –Conversion of agricultural building to residential dwelling, including first floor extension and other associated alterations.

Hillcrest Farm, Bowdens Lane.

This extension is a straightforward modification on a previous application, which we agreed. There was no objection to the changes proposed.

6909 Planning Applications (Updates)

17/0900 Coed Cwrt, Cert of Lawfulness - granted

6910 Accounts & Financial Matters.

1. Bank Account, (inc savings for replacement of the safety undersufaces on the equipment in the enclosure, and the grant for the new access gate.), as at 3rd Nov - £23,308.66

2. Agree payments:- Tim Crabb £27.50 for plants, Phil James £195 – work on goal posts, Boules pitch, Community chairs & plants.

3. Letter from Sue Kent requesting financial support for “Christmas in Penhow” events. The request was as anticipated and agreed at the October meeting – minute 6866.4.

6911 Admin Issues

1. 2018/19 Budget requirement – have not yet arrived from NCC. However, Clerk has prepared additional requirements from those of last year – all to cover expenditure associated with employment of a new Clerk (wages ~ £2000p.a., new computer ~ £750, new printer ~ £450, new filing cabinet ~ £150). These were agreed.

2. Notification of Appropriate Sum / Expenditure Limit 2018/19 (no discussion).

3. Information SheetC25 – Parish Councils dealing with highway obstructions– Anne will review & comment next month.

4. Clerks resignation & issues arising – Chairman & Clerk have interviewed one of the two applicants, the other will be interviewed in December. At the January meeting the results of the interviews will be discussed with the full Council, together with issues associated (correct employment & payment procedures, etc).

6912 A48 Verges & wildflower management

Michael will follow up issues (e.g. incorrect mowing) with Cllr Routley.

6913 Representatives Reports

St John’s Hall (Neil)

Quiz nights are quite successful; fund raising is going well; the committee working well and achieving quite a lot.

Newport Survey (Michael) -Michael fed back on some of the issues – e.g. risks & working with groups.

Planning workshop on 10th January – John will be unable to attend. Anne agreed to go instead.

6914 Next Meeting - WEDNESDAY 10th JANUARY 2018

6915 Correspondence

3.Natural Resources Wales is making £3million available to projects to improve the environment across Wales. Having identified key challenges that face the Welsh environment, NRW will be offering money and other support to organisations that can offer projects to meet these challenges. For full details visit the NRW website.

4.Bridgend Coalition of Disabled People - petition calling for premises in Wales to be awarded an Access Certificate (similar to the Food   Hygiene Certificate-rating 0 to 5 depending how disabled friendly they are -high numbers for having a fully wheelchair accessible building, accessible toilets, hearing loops, braille menus, staff using sign language and staff trained in DisabilityEquality and Autism Awareness). Petition now up and running -

SIMON GREEN (Chairman) 07719 889364

5. Newport City Council’s Rights of Way Improvement Plan Review – Initial Consultation.


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