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Penhow CommunityCouncil News

Draft Minutes 2017 11



Penhow Community Council



Present at the meeting were:

Chair Keith Jones

Councillors: John Wagstaff, Graham Pollard, Anne Underwood.

Apols: Bob Shepherd, Neil Bignell, Michael Weekes.

Also present :NCC Langstone Ward Councillor William Routley

Clerk: Beryl Morgan.


6886 Minutes of the previous meeting (4th Oct 2017).

The Minutes were agreed & signed.

6887 Matters Arising 

1. Dog Wardens (name to be changed to Community Safety Wardens) – out of action for some new training purposes for a while.

2. Grass verges have been cut, but not according to agreed procedures for wildflower conservation. Cllr Routley will feed this back to an NCC representative and liaise will Michael Weekes.

6888 Public Participation 

An occupant of 2 Rose Cottages (Arcade Road) attended to say thank you to the Council for the support of her planning application.

6889 Ward Matters

Ongoing Issues – For Action by Ward Councillors (not discussed at this meeting).

The hole in the side of the road on Arcade Road (where the refuse collection vehicle went off the road) is still there. It is now overgrown by the hedge and the red plastic warning tape that was around the sides has completely disappeared.

Issues discussed -

1. Update on actions to be carried out following the inquest into the accident at the Llandevaud junction with the A48, e.g. – retractable bollards to be placed outside the garage so cars belonging to customers / visitors cars cannot park outside; road markings to be renewed; more signage erected.

2. The possibilities of introducing more speed reductions along theA48 is being considered. Currently it is too variable and (much) too fast in places.

3. Grass cutting has been carried out along the A48 – NOT along the lines discussed & agreed for wildflower management. Cllr Routley will discuss with NCC staff.

4. Cllr Routley is looking for a suitable Hall to hold ward surgery meetings. The Baptist Hall was suggested as a possibility

5. Cllr Routley will arrange for a supply of green bags to be provided to Penhow Village Shop (PVS), so that residents can collect from there, rather than having to contact Newport when they run out.

6. Caravans that have recently appeared in 2 fields on the North side of the A48, West of Parc Seymour, that are believed to be occupied. Cllr Routley agreed to take forward this issue with NCC planning department.

6890 Penhow Services - all issues covered above.

6891 Recreation Grounds & Equipment; Village Furniture


work on improving the access to the grounds from Market Road will go ahead over the winter months.


2. The Boules Court has been weeded, but still needs attention. Agreed to defer to next month and consult Michael on best long term action.

3. Goal posts painted.

4. Lots of litter being left in grounds.

5. Clerk has not yet ordered the new bench, in memory of Graham & Barbara Short, as this is not a good time of the year for getting it set up in the grounds. It will be ordered early in the New Year.

6892 Village Matters. 

1. Best Kept Village Competition – Total score 80/100.

Comments received were mainly good, and are covered in full in the next edition of Community First. The main criticism was the state of the bus shelter on the A48 outside Parc Seymour.

2. Agreed to arrange for removal of ivy from all the bus shelters, and to cut back the vegetation on the Market Road edge of the Recreation Grounds as soon as possible. Keith will contact a contractor for both.

3. Keith will also contact a resident about planting up the planter in Greenmeadow Drive.

4. An update on the actions for “NATION’S TRIBUTE 11th NOVEMBER1918” was received. The organisers want to include bell ringing across the nation. Keith will take this forward.

5. Defib - checks OK

6893 Planning Applications (New)

None this month.

6894 Planning Applications (Updates)

None this month.

6895 Accounts & Financial Matters.

1. Bank Account, (inc savings for replacement of the safety undersufaces on the equipment in the enclosure.), as at 5th October £20,080.86

2. Agreed payments: PVS £74 (lottery licence renewal & raffle ticket printing), Mrs J Dunford £50 (lottery prize).

3. The £4.100 from the Lottery Grant to improve the access to the grounds from Market Road has been successful (not included above).

4. The financial report for the end of September was circulated & discussed in some detail.

Councillors are asked to look at expenditure over this financial year and consider additional requirements for the next financial year, as we will need to agree the amount of precept from NCC at the next meeting.

6896 Admin Issues

1. Clerk will circulate our Standing Orders & Financial Regulations for review & discussion at next month’s meeting.

2. One Voice Wales has now produced “Guidance on the Appointment of Internal Auditors for Town & Community Councils”. We will be needing a new Internal Auditor for this year’s accounts.

3. Clerks resignation & issues arising – There are 2 applicants for the post so far. The Chairman & Clerk will interview both. Documents for the correct employment & payment procedures have been acquired & read.

6897 A48 Verges & wildflower management

Covered under 6889.3

6898 Representatives Reports

None this month.

6899 Next Meeting -Normally, Wednesday 6th December 2017

6900 Correspondence

1. Revised Local Government Scheme 2017 - 

2. The Equality, Local Government and Communities Committee of the National Assembly for Wales are undertaking a consultation on its inquiry into Local Approaches to poverty reduction: The Well-Being of Future Generations Act and public service boards. More information can be found on the inquiry webpage:

5. Ammendments to - Local Authorities (Capital Finance & Accounting) (Wales) Regulations 2003. Consultation documents & response form at: - comments by 12 January 2018.

Post: Local Government Finance Policy Division, Cathays Park, Cardiff CF10 3NQ




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