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Penhow CommunityCouncil News

Draft Minutes 03 2018


Penhow Community Council



Present at the meeting were:

Chair Bob Shepherd

Councillors: Keith Jones, John Wagstaff, Neil Bignell, Michael Weekes, Anne Underwood.

Appologies: Graham Pollard, NCC Councillors Ray Mogford & Will Routley

Clerk: Beryl Morgan also new Clerk designate Pamela Morris


6945 Minutes of the previous meeting (7th February 2018).

Minutes 6935.3 was an error. It was deleted. The remainder were agreed & signed.

6946 Matters Arising 

1. Planning Aid training (John & Keith indicated they would like some training – this is to be discussed at the next liaison meeting with NCC)

2. The sign at the top of Parc Seymour is out of date (it has been uncovered from an overgrown hedge. Neil agreed to try to remove it.

6947 Public Participation 

 Several residents have reported seeing rabbit remains lying at the edge of the recreation grounds. These are not remains from a predator (which  would be skin, not flesh). The situation will be monitored to see if any more remains appear.

6948 Ward Matters

 Penhow Quarry – Clerk Beryl Morgan was notified by a prospective house buyer that clearance work was going on in Penhow Quarry – he was told by the workmen that the site was being cleared for a holiday complex. NCC planning department were informed immediately as were several other local residents and Councillors. Planning Enforcement Officers visited immediately and spoke to workers on site & were satisfied that works were being undertaken for scrub clearance only. None of the landscaping was protected so nothing further could be done.

 NCC Cllr Ray Mogford updates:

Since this time more work has been carried out - trees & shrubs removed and natural habitats destroyed. Planning department have again been informed & will revisit. No planning or pre-planning application has been received. The site is countryside, special landscape area and in a hard rock resource area.

Ongoing Issues – For Action by Ward Councillors.

Ø“Accident” hole on the side of Arcade Road – no movement.

6949 Penhow Services

Nothing new – moss on pavements still a concern (all the steep areas).

Will thank them for filling the salt bin.

6950 Recreation Grounds & Equipment; Village Furniture

1. Moles are still present at the enclosure end of the recreation grounds (The “mole man” is due to carry out another round of eradication in this area).

2. The water flow in the drains crossing the grounds has been monitored.

3. Still too wet to fix swing gate.

4. John expressed some concerns about the stability of the swing (not the one for disabled users), and will investigate further.

5. The goal posts need some stabilizing.

6. All the locks on entrances to the grounds are seized up. The drop posts are fitted with “Newport” locks (for which the NCC contactors have  keys for access when mowing the grass etc.). Clerk will ask if these can be cut off & replaced. The Market Road gate locks are also seized and will need to be removed.

7. The new bench (in remembrance of Graham & Barbara Short) has arrived, John will organise its siting.

6951 Village Matters. 

1. Defib - checks OK.

Training – agreed to Brian Dunford if Pete Richards is available & willing to carry out some further training. Then ask residents if anyone is interested & when they would like training to be carried out. (suggested - Saturday morning(s) in April / May).

2. Activities to Commemorate the End of World War 1, on Sunday 11/11/2018

This Council has already agreed to take part in:

Beacon lighting (being organised by John & Michael) & Bell Ringing (Neil) activities which are both being organised throughout the UK.

It was agreed to try to get a Fireworks display organised, likely cost ~ £750 - £1,000. Neil will follow up.

3. Market Road new Entrance – nothing further at this stage.

6952 Planning Applications (New)


6953 Planning Applications (Updates)


6954 Accounts & Financial Matters.

1. Bank Account, as at 5th Feb - £26,427.65 *[includes grant monies for the work on Market Rd entrance (£4920) and savings to replace the undersurfaces of the equipment in the under 12s enclosure (1 estimate @ £14,750)].

2. Agree payments:- Membership of “One Voice Wales” - £104; New Bench £586.69; New Computer for New Clerk (existing one to be sold or scrapped) - £687.54.

6955 Admin Issues

1. Brian Shepherd has agreed to carry out the Internal Audit for the current financial year (1st April 2017 – 30th March 2018) - due in April / May 2018.

2. Becoming an Employer – our new Clerk (Pamela Morris) will start her duties in April. A Contract of employment has been prepared & she will be registered with HMRC.

3. New DATA PROTECTION LAWS – a “Toolkit for Local Councils” document has been received. Chairman took this away to read.

6956 A48 Verges & wildflower management

Michael has attended a meeting with Newport’s Roadside Verges Officer, Andre Bullock and Langstone Ward Councillor Will Routley.

The aims were:

To raise the visual impact in our area;

Improve the level of Flora & Fauna:

Encourage wild flowers & habitat for pollinators;

Raise public interest in what we are trying to do.

This was very successful. Andre wants it to happen and will take it forward with NCC. Initially it will involve developing two wild flower areas – one each side of the entrance to Parc Seymour (Market Road).

No action on the opposite side of the road at this stage.

They also agreed to control the Japanese knotweed in the area.

6957 Representatives Reports

Hall Committee (Neil)

Next Qiuz – Monday 16th March.

Woodland Trust (Anne)

Following is a quote from The Argus:-

“A joint initiative project between Natural Resourses Wales (NWR) and the Woodland Trust (Coed Cadw), has won a prestigious award for Wentwood Forest, to make it a better place for people, wildlife and the local economy. NWR & the Woodland Trust will work with stakeholders and the local community to explore opportunities to generate more wellbeing benefits. These could include horse riding & cycling, improving access and using Wentwood as an open space to improve people’s mental health & wellbeing.”

6958 Next Meeting – Wednesday 4th April

6957 Correspondence

  • 1.To Clerks of Community & Town Councils - The Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales invites you to a round table discussion event on its remuneration framework in respect of community & town councils. 

 2. Cabinet Secretary for Finance has issued a Written Statement: Tax policy work plan 2018

The Cabinet Secretary has also today set out the next steps for proposing a new Welsh tax as part of the tax policy work plan for 2018. For more information, go to the Welsh Taxes pages on the Welsh Government website. Follow us on Twitter: @WelshTreasury.


 3.Overview – OVW Training sessions 2018

  • 4.The Welsh Government is proposing to revise Planning Policy Wales (PPW) in light of the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015. PPW has been restructured into policy themes around the well-being goals and updated to reflect new Welsh Government strategies and policies.
  • The historic environment chapter of the restructured PPW has been rewritten to focus solely on providing national planning policy for our historic environment. Information relating to consenting and other procedural matters will no longer be included in PPW, but will be published in other Welsh Government guidance.
  • The Welsh Government is conducting a public consultation on edition 10 of PPW, and would like your views. The consultation will close on 18 May 2018. Visit the consultation pages of the Welsh Government website for information on how to respond - 

5.The Local Democracy & Boundary Commission for Wales – Guidance for Principlal Councils on the review of Communities – Feb 2018. Doc available from enquiries to


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