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Penhow CommunityCouncil News

Draft Minutes 02 2018


Penhow Community Council



Present at the meeting were:

Chair Bob Shepherd

Councillors: Keith Jones, John Wagstaff, Neil Bignell, Graham Pollard, Michael Weekes, Anne Underwood.

Also present: NCC Councillor Ray Mogford.

Clerk :Beryl Morgan.


6930 Minutes of the previous meeting (10th January 2018).

Cllr Pollard pointed out that he was actually present at the last meeting (he was listed as absent). The Minutes were amended, then agreed & signed.

6931 Matters Arising 

The “Footpath” sign at the top of Parc Seymour is now pointing the wrong way. Neil agreed to try to rectify the problem.

6932 Public Participation 

1. Issue with a local donkey – Recently, a local donkey has shown aggression to some people walking along “his” footpath, but not feeding him. He is not fenced in and has become used to being fed by some of the walkers who use the path. Agreed to write to the owner suggesting a fence be put up to separate him from the footpath, and to replace the notice suggesting what to feed him with one saying not to feed him.

2. Letter – “Banijay”. This is a letter describing a possible television series about public art in small communities. Agreed to suggest the “Millenium” Chairs on the green at the top of Market Road.

3. Letter “Bee Friendly”. This was about public planting of flora species that will be good for feeding bees. Agreed this will fit well with the initiative on conservation of our A48 verges (see minute 6941 below). Michael agreed to take it forward with NCC.

6933 Ward Matters

 NCC Cllr Ray Mogford updates:

1. David Atwell’s funeral will take place on 20th February at midday, at St Woolos Cathedral, and afterwards at Magor crematorium.

2. The caravan in the field on the western side of Penhow has been served with an eviction notice (a stolen quad bike was found nearby).

3. There are still problems with the parking situation near Britannia Motors.

4. Cllr Mogford has requested the police report for “Langstone” be renamed “Langstone Ward” and circulated to all villages in the ward. The CSO is Becky Morgan.

Ongoing Issues – For Action by Ward Councillors.

“Accident” hole on the side of Arcade Road – no movement.

Moss on pavements - ongoing.

6934 Penhow Services

 Tarmac from the repairs to the holes in the road has been dumped in the field. Agreed to photograph this and report to streetscene,

6935 Recreation Grounds & Equipment; Village Furniture

1. Still too wet to put up the Goal nets.

2. Still too wet to fix swing gate.

3. The Bench by the “Newport Homes” bungalows has gone. John will report this to Newport City Council.

4. The “No dog Fouling” signs were found on the ground. John has removed them.

5. The trail of the cycle track is in good condition but the ramps need attention.

6. The tiles on the one of the playdecks are looking poor.

7. (John will report 5 & 6 to our contractor).

8. The new bench (in remembrance of Graham & Barbara Short has been ordered). John will organise its siting.

6936 Village Matters. 

 1. Defib - checks OK.

2. Activities to Commemorate the End of World War 1, on Sunday 11/11/2018

This Council has already agreed to take part in Beacon lighting & Bell Ringing activities which are both being organised throughout the UK.

Discussions were held concerning the possibilities of organising a fireworks display and / or have Bugle / trumpet playing. Councillors will investigate possibilities.

3. Market Road new Entrance – nothing further at this stage.

6937 Planning Applications (New) - None

6938P lanning Applications (Updates) - None

6939 Accounts & Financial Matters.

1. Bank Account, as at 5th Jan - £26,714.85 *[includes grant monies for the work on Market Rd entrance (£4920) and savings to replace the undersurfaces of the equipment in the under 12s enclosure (1 estimate @ £14,750)].

2. Agree payments:- Welsh Pest Control Services £260.

6940 Admin Issues

1. Advice letter from “One Voice Wales” (received 31st January 2018) - to be sure to include sufficient funds to pay for an Internal Financial Audit when submitting our 2018 – 19 precept requirement to NCC. PCC’s requirement (submitted in mid January - the deadline being 28th January) – allowed for both internal and external audit fees.

2. PCC needs to find a new Internal Auditor (by April) to audit the accounts for this financial year.

3. Becoming an Employer – Councillors reviewed the Documents & actions required to employ a new Clerk.

4. The Council has been informed that it will become necessary to appoint a Councillor to be a DATA PROTECTION OFFICER (DPO) under the Data Protection Regulations which become effective on 25th May 2018. [It specifies that the Clerk will not be permitted to act as DPO, as this is seen as a potential conflict of interest].

6941 A48 Verges & wildflower management

Michael has organised a meeting with Newport’s Roadside Verges Officer in the near future;

The aims of the meeting will be:

To raise the visual impact in our area;

Improve the level of Flora & Fauna:

Encourage wild flowers & habitat for pollinators;

Raise public interest in what we are trying to do.

The verges will be cut in early May and should still be looking attractive for the Best Kept Village Competition in June. They will be assessed in early June & notes made for planning and subsequent planting. In early September they will be cut again and cuttings removed to enable fallen seeds to come in contact with the ground.

(N.B. – None of this will affect the 1m wide roadside safety cuts).

6942 Representatives Reports

NCC Liaison Meeting (Michael)

Some CC’s are finding it difficult to use the online planning applications as some of the detail is too small to be clearly seen. NCC will try to make some alterations.

Planning – training (planning & planning law) can be provided by NCC (at a cost).

A representative from Bishton CC will serve on the Standards Committtee.

Some subsidised bus services are likely to be axed.

The next Newport Marathon will be on 29th April.

Panel Survey (Michael)

Topics discussed included – Policing in the area (reliability & respect); Broadband coverage; Social care & Housing partnerships.

All recommendations from the last survey are likely to be implemented.

Hall Committee (Neil)

The committee is looking at a number of measures to raise funds for roof repairs.

Quiz & Race Night activities are ongoing.

6943 Next Meeting – Wednesday 7th March

6944 Correspondence

1.  Welsh Gov & Defra - joint consultation on proposals to tackle crime and poor performance in the waste sector - consultation: responses to Welsh Government:

2. The Well-being of Future Generations Act have developed a Future Generations Framework for projects to support the public sector and others to deliver projects and infrastructure fit for the future.

3. UK and Welsh governments agree new Welsh taxes ready to go 

  • 4.The Ombudsman’s Casebook available on line: English Cymraeg
  • 5.Newport's Well-being Plan 2018-23 - Statutory Consultation - Watch the animation about the development of One Newport Public Services Board’s (PSB) DRAFT Well-being Plan 2018-23 and how you can respond:

6. Confirmation of final decision to implement the proposal to remove the Learning Resource Base from Llanwern High School. Further information is available on the Council website at:


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