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Penhow CommunityCouncil News

Agenga 2018 11


To members of the Penhow Community Council     1 of 1 

You are hereby invited to the next meeting, to be held on 7th November in St. John’s Hall at 7.15pm. Members of the public are welcome to attend.




Clerk – P. Morris (Tel.07491 598459) email 26th October 2018  



Agenda 11 2018

1.  Election of Officers – To complete the administrative paperwork for the new Chairman and Vice Chairwoman.

2.  Apologies - To receive and accept apologies

3.  Previous Minutes – To approve the minutes from last meeting held on 3rd October.

4.  Matters Arising – To discuss general maintenance contract.

5.  Public Participation -

6.  Ward Matters – Discussion and feedback from the NCC Councillors.To discuss and update our ‘Outstanding works for NCC Contractors form.

7.  Penhow Services-

8.  A48 grass verges/wildflower management

9.  Recreation Grounds & Equipment; Village Furniture – Playground checks (John & Keith)

10. Village Matters – (i) Obstruction of passing place on Arcade Road, representation to NCC under s.130(6) of the Highways Act 1980. 

(ii)To update & agree final organisation, plans for WW1 commemoration.

11. Planning Applications (New) – 18/0888 - Wentwood House, Llandevaud – No objections

12. Planning Application (Updates) – 18/0929 - application expires 18/11/18 

13. Accounts & Financial Matters – Agreed to pay out - £ 57.00 and £50.00 (Christmas Raffle costs) £119.10 St John’s Hall rent-

Playground re-surfacing costs (Invoice)

14. Admin – To complete the Unadopted Roads Survey - Response from John Lawrence.

To discuss the Councillor vacancy and determine the advertising timescales and paperwork,

15. Representatives Reports –

16. Correspondence – (i) To share the GAVO, Best Kept Village competition results.

(ii) Countrywide Grounds Maintenance contractors.

(iii) Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Volunteer(s) for Penhow Village.

(iv) One Voice Wales new representative (volunteer required)

(v)  Review of Community Councils Concurrent Grant

17.Next Meeting – normally 5th December 2018