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Penhow CommunityCouncil News

Agenda 2018 12


To members of the Penhow Community Council 

You are hereby invited to the next meeting, to be held on 5th December in St. John’s Hall at 7.15pm.

Members of the public are welcome to attend.

P.Morris Clerk – P. Morris (Tel.07491 598459) email - 29/11/18


Agenda 11 2018

1.  Apologies - To receive and accept apologies

2.  Previous Minutes – To approve the minutes from last meeting held on 7th November.

3.  Matters Arising – (i) Proposal for the new Village 30mph signs. (John)

(ii)  Volunteers for the two planters 2019.

(iii) Obstruction of passing place on Arcade Road, representation to NCC under s.130(6) of the Highways Act 1980.(Anne)

4.  Public Participation -

5.  Ward Matters – Feedback from the NCC Councillors on new and existing issues.

To update our ‘Outstanding works for NCC Contractors form.

6.  Penhow Services-

7.  A48 grass verges- To confirm action agreed for 2019 from Andre Bullock (NCC Area Supervisor) – (Michael)

8.  Recreation Grounds & Equipment; Village Furniture – (i) Playground checks (John & Keith)

(ii) To discuss the quotation for removal of the rocks in the playground 

(adjacent to "Clarement" & close to Rockfield Close bungalows) - (Graham & Beryl)

9.  Village Matters –

(i)   WW1 Commemoration Event, feedback received and donations gifted to RBL.

(ii)  To discuss any updates on nuisance motor bikes in the local area. (Michael)

(iv) Update on the Market Road bin. (John)

(v)  Highways Contractors in the area/ recent visit (Michael)

(vi) Plans for Penhow Christmas tree decorations.

10.  Planning Applications (New) –

18/1050 – 1 Greenmeadow Drive, Parc Seymour NP26 3AW (No objections)

18/1104 – 6 Meadowlands Close, Parc Seymour, NP26 3JR

11.  Planning Application (Updates) –

18/0929 – Land west of Greenmeadow Lane, NP26 3AB - Refused

18/0688 – Hillcrest Farm, Bowdens Lane, NP26 3AA - Granted

12.  Accounts & Financial Matters – Bank balance as at 5th Nov £25577.49

To discuss banking mandate and finances for next year

Concurrent Grant update, and agree Precept requirement for 2019 – 20,

notification of "Appropriate Sum for 137 expenditure limit"

Agreed to pay :- (i) Phil James materials for 2 planters - £71.00, clerks wages, Invoice for2017/18 Audit Office - £248.70

13.  Administration – (i) Email from The Police and Crime Commissioner for Gwent (Michael)

(ii)  To agree timescales to advertise the vacancies for the new PCC Councillor and PCC clerk.

(iii) To discuss PCC website access.

(iv) Carers Wales petition.

14.  Representatives Reports –Liaison Meeting 6th December

15.  Correspondence– Armistice & Armed Forces Communities-(Please send your end of grant report and photograph).

16.  Next Meeting usually 2nd January 2019 (To be confirmed)