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Agenda 2018 06


To Members of the Council – 26th May 2018 1 of 2 

You are hereby invited to attend the next meeting of the Penhow Community Council, to be held on 6th June 2018 in St.John’s Hall at 7.15pm. Members of the public are welcome to attend.

P. Morris

Clerk - P.Morris {Tel. 07491 598459)e-mail


1.Apologies – To receive and accept apologies. 

2.Review of Administration -

(i)To review and discuss the Model Code of Conduct with the new councillors and clerk and agree the details outlined in this document.

3.Declarations of Interest – To receive and accept declarations of interest.

4.Previous Minutes - To receive and approve the minutes of the Annual Meeting held on 2nd May 2018.

5.Matters Arising –

(i)To agree action required with regard to the out of date sign at the top of Parc Seymour.

6.Public Participation –

(i)To discuss thePROW i.e. footpaths etc. Ann has received early notice of what is being planned by Newport City Council and will give PCC some information about it.

(ii)To receive an update on the new double-sided parking signs for St. John’s Hall. (Neil)

7.Ward Matters –

(i) (a)To receive any updates from NCC Councillors.

(b)To review progress for request of prior notification in respect of any major works

that would inconvenience any users of St. John’s Hall.(Clerk)

(ii)To receive an update on the request for a “dropped kerb” from NCC.(Clerk)

(iii)To obtain progress in respect of the planting of additional trees in the area. (Bob)

8.Penhow Services –

 To review the new NCC Contractors update form.

9.A48 grass verges / wildflower management –

(i) To receive an update on the “preparation of the ground” for the wild flowers at the

entrance to Parc Seymour. (Michael)

10.Recreation Grounds & Equipment; Village Furniture –

 (i)To agreethe quotes obtained by John from Designer Parks :-

a.Treatment of rust on fitness equipment. b. Fitting wear plates to worn edges of ramps.2 of 2c.Fitting of new ramp to half pipe section of bike track – Total cost £270

and the additional quote from Phil James of £75 to weed the cycle track.

(ii) To receive updates on actions agreed at last meeting.

a.Clearing the “Rockery “ area. (Graham)

b.ContactingNewport City Homes about boundry fences.(Clerk)

c.Putting up goal nets. (John & Neil)in play area

d.Quote in respect of “safety tarmac” (Price comparison Beryl)

(iii)To confirm that the annual safety inspection is due to take place in June.

(iv)To receive progress on new entrance work. (Graham & Bob)

11.Village Matters – (i)To discuss WW1 Commemorationplans.

(a)Response from Community First Committee for contribution. (Bob)

(b)Clarify situation for fireworks display.

(c)The Armistice and Armed Forces- Silhouettes (email 16/5/18) Further information 

(ii)To check our notices at the shop to remind residents confirming the dates of

the ‘Gwent Best Kept Village’ competition.

(iii)To confirm that councillors are aware that Brian has arranged the replanting of the Rockfield Glade planter with Phil James, The budget has been agreed for £50 for the year ie. £25 for summer/autumn planting (us) and £25 for winter/spring (Phil). The winter/spring plants have just about finished so the aim is to do the summer/autumn planting over the next couple of weeks.

12. Planning Applications (New)

13.Planning Applications (Updates)

(i) 18/0219 ( 5 Greenmeadow Drive, Parc Seymour) Accepted with conditions

(ii) 18/0471 ( Castle Farm Barns, Penhow) Bat Migration. Decision approved

14.Accounts & Financial Matters –

(i)Bank Account balance as at 4th May 2018 - £31,591.30

(ii)Agreed to pay Brain Dunford £25.00 for costs of plants and compost- see item 11.3

(iii) Pay clerks wages£202.39

15.Admin Issues – TO AGREE A DATE FOR AN ADDITIONAL MEETING TO SIGN OFF THIS YEAR’S EXTERNAL AUDIT - (Beryl has suggested Wednesday 13th June/St.John’s Hall/7.15pm)

16.Representative Reports –

17.Items for inclusion in next agenda –

18.Next Ordinary Meeting – 4th July 2018